The visitors will find La Judería de Las Arribes in Vilvestre. It´s a beautiful village which located inside the Douro Natural Park of Arribes, and also nearby the Douro river, where it widens due to the dam of Salto de Saucelle.

It is ideal to visit the Natural Park of Arribes del Duero to be located in the center of the Salamanca area.

To get from Madrid you have to:

  1. Take A-6.
  2. Join A-6 towards A Coruña.
  3. Later, it continues along the AP-6 following the signs of Ávila.
  4. Then take exit 81 towards AP-51. Continue on the A-50.
  5. Take exit 99 towards SA-20 / E-80 / Portugal / A-62 / Valladolid / E-803 / Cáceres / A-66 / Zamora / CL-510 / Alba de Tormes.
  6. At the roundabout, take the second exit A-66 in the direction E-80 / A-62 / Valladolid / Portugal / Zamora
  7. Follow CL-517 and SA-320 to Calle Grande in Vilvestre.
  8. You arrive at the Rural Hotel Judería de las Arribes!