Rural Hotel Judería de las Arribes


“La Judería de las Arribes “ is a typical charming accommodation where the visitors could find the perfect combinations between the rural locations and the authentic landscapes. Here, the border is ready to be discovered, and its name is Douro Natural Park of Arribes.

You can find rural hotel 3* “La Judería de Las Arribes” in Vilvestre, it’s a very beautiful village which located in the Douro Natural Park of Arribes, and also nearby the Douro river; naturally, it had been connected with the neighbor country Portugal, as its border.

You will find incredible scenery, tranquility, and a Mediterranean microclimate with a soft temperature during the winter period. The beauty of nature is for you to see, to observe and also to enjoy to.

Since 1997, we started our particular adventure business with the managing of the Bar Restaurant El Almendro, we can offer you the service with full of extensive experience beyond. My grandparents had done a good job on this project with a lots of hard work. Previously, my great- grandmother Isabel, who was a very adventure person, had decided to turn an old house into an in. From the opening of La Judería de las Arribes in 2006, we had changed the dreams into realities.

Nowadays, Mari (the owner) is the person who takes the responsibility to prepare the delicious dishes for our visitors, her way of cooking has combined the traditional way of cuisine with the local products, such as cheeses, sausages and different type of wines from “Arribes”.

We do not accept pets.

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