Vilvestre is settled in an area with a unique location at the foot of a hill with spectacular views in there was a prehistoric sanctuary, a castle of border due to the fighting with Portugal, and now shrine of the same name. The village has typical Gothic houses, somes with balconies, a monumental Portuguese Manueline-style "Rollo de la Justicia" .
Following a road in the middle of olive trees and prickly pear is lowered to a pier on the Duero, from which you can follow an interesting boat ride showing the contrast between the Spanish and Portuguese, as well as fauna and flora of Nature Reserve Arribes del Duero.

We are in the  "Arribes del Duero" Natural Park declared in 2002 in the Spanish zone and the "Douro International" Natural Park, declared in 1998, ie an international space also declared a Special Protection Area for Birds with emblematic species such as black stork , Bonelli's eagle and the vulture, which may nest on both the Spanish and the Portuguese side because obviously they "know no borders, neither physical nor mental."

The unique natural and cultural values of this space have been preserved for centuries by local people under the premise of shared management and sustainable development.

The River Duero is "tamed" by the hydroelectric dams that are adapted to form a complex landscape, the falls of the Duero, which produce large amounts of electricity in Aldeadávila and form reservoirs look like seas such as Almendra.

Wine tourism is marked by "Arribes" guarantee of origin and quality in force since 2007  with varied and excellent wines.


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